Throat Soothing Lozenges

Propolis & Honey Lozenges

Sooth your throat with our handmade lozenges. Propolis is a compound bees use to repair their hive and keep out harmful bacteria. Bees collect sap from trees, making propolis, or “bee glue,” to fill holes and cracks in their hive. In fact, just as bees use propolis to protect their hive, we can use it on our skin or orally as a supplement.

Propolis & Honey Lozenges

At Absolutely Delightful honey, we use bee propolis mixed with honey and spices to create a lozenge to help sooth your throat. As a result, the lozenges may help alleviate the irritating symptoms that crop up during cold and flu season. Each lozenge is made individually by hand in small batches. Consequently, our lozenges are currently only available at local Phoenix farmers markets (find your nearest market here).

Life is sweet when there’s honey to eat.

Lisa Hamilton

for Absolutely Delightful AZ Honey

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