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When you buy your honey from Absolutely Delightful, you get honey that comes from Arizona small and mid-sized beekeepers. So not only are you getting something sweet, but you’re also doing something pretty sweet too. Thank you!

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Join us for a fun evening of learning about mead and make your own to take home! Expert, Robert Ratliff, will be sharing his expertise on the art of mead making.

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Bitter Bee Honey

Infused Sour Honey

Ok, you’ve got to be thinking SOUR honey?? Did I read that right?

Yes, that’s right! And you will be delighted by the sweet and zesty bite of these infused honeys. Infused with all natural ingredients, this honey packs a sour and sweet fusion. 

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Lisa Warner
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"I ordered 4 large and 1 small for gifts. Imagine my surprise when I received 3 mini samples along with my order. What a wonderful little gift!! So far, AMAZING FLAVORS!!"
Vicky Beasley Seamans
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"Real, local honey, fast delivery. Not the processed or unknown stuff you get in the store. We’re on our second jar and absolutely LOVE it. I went to local honey several years ago and was very pleased to see this option after we moved to Arizona in 2018. Love the selection and I think we’re going to try the Killer Bee Honey sometime."
Lori Brown Martin
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"Best honey and lots of variety. And all run by excellent people."
Rose Landis
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"Ordered online and they sent me my order along with a 1oz of the whipped honey with cinnamon. It's so delicious! Now I want more of the whipped honey"
Connie Kadansky
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"Love their honey. My favorite is Camelthorn honey. It is delicious in recipes."
Konstantin Popov
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"The best honey, we love it"
Phoenix New Times
"Best Honey" in 2020
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"Our favorite by far, though, is camelthorn honey. It's typically harvested from camelthorn plants in Winslow, Arizona, around July. In Arizona, it's classified as a noxious weed. But its honey is light and thick with a bright, floral scent that's irresistible."
Mark Sequeira
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"Real honey, not corn syrup like what they sell in supermarkets."
Stefani Smith
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"Just bought 2 jars and couldn’t be happier. This honey is amazing with great tasting flavors, and is a local product!"

Honey Party Favors

Gift AZ Honey for Your Special Occasion!

What could be more sweet than gifting local honey? Contact us to talk about creating custom party favors fit for every occasion. 

Super Flavor Infused Honey

Artisan Inspired Infused Honey

To craft these unique infused honey flavors, we partnered up with some local cocktail mixologists and asked them to try their hand at crafting some brand new infused honey flavors that we have never tried before. Inspired by their creations, these super flavor honeys deliver more than your average infused honey.

Whipped Honey

Thick Creamy Whipped Honey

Whipped Arizona Honey has a thick creamy texture that makes it ideal for spreading on your favorite fresh baked goods. When the weather cools down, we recommend you try spooning a nice big scoop into your morning cup of coffee.

Buzz on By!

Our little honey shop is open Tuesday – Friday from 9am-4pm or you can find us at several local farmers markets on the weekends. Click the button to see all of our current locations: 

Healthy Products from the Hive

Bee Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax & Royal Jelly

Looking for more healthy products made by the bees? We carry propolis products, royal jelly, beeswax and bee pollen too! Browse all of the healthy products from the hive. 

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Classic ADAZ Infused Honeys

Honey Infused with Natural Flavors

Take your taste buds on an adventure with our classic infused honeys. Try our cayenne pepper, lavender, ginger or lemon zest infused honeys.