We’ve Updated Our Shipping Prices!

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(Updated 2/18/23) — We Have Updated Our Shipping Prices for Arizona Locals

Shipping Prices for Arizona Residents:

  • Orders < $20: Shipping is $9.00
  • Orders > $20: Shipping is $8.50
  • Orders > $40: Shipping is $6.50
  • Shipping for Orders > $64 Receive Free Shipping (*Some limitations apply, contact us if you have any questions).

Flat Rate Shipping for Out of State Orders:

  • For the time being all orders being shipped outside of Arizona will be charged a flat-rate fee of $16.

Was there a problem with your delivery? Let us know!

If you have a package that has been damaged or lost, contact us! We appreciate your support and your willingness to support our small business.

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