5 Salad Dressings Made with Honey!

We are well into summertime and even though 2020 has us all in a mess, we can avoid getting a summertime sadness slump by eating good and feeling fine!

How to Help the Bee Population when You Live in the City

Photo via Pixabay by NickRivers

*Photo via Pixabay by NickRivers— many thanks! Howdy, everyone! This week we have a special guest, Christy who wrote to us eager to share information on how to help the local bee population. Christy is the founder of Savingourbees. Her aim is to collect and distribute the most accurate and up-to-date resources on the bee […]

Honey Vanilla Lemonade

Quench your thirst with this sweet twist on traditional lemonade: Honey Vanilla Lemonade is a fun summer beverage, best enjoyed with friends by the pool on a hot summer day!  Ingredients: 2 Cups of Sugar 1/2 Cup of Orange Blossom honey 2 Cups of Water, Plus More as Needed 1 Vanilla Bean 2 and 1/2 Cups […]

Lemon Honey Spritzer

This is an absolutely wonderful drink for these hot Arizona summer days! If you’re looking to cool off in the shade, try this recipe as-is. If you’re looking to turn it up, add two shots of rum to make it a Mojito!  2 Tablespoons Absolutely Delightful Lemon Honey 1 Tablespoon warm water 2 to 3 […]