Honey Basket Giveaway!


What’s in the Honey Basket:

1 x 24oz Squeezable Honey Bear

1 x 8oz Squeezable Honey

1 x Cayenne Pepper Flavored Honey

1 x Large Rose Beeswax Candle

1 x Scented Radiance Beeswax Candle

1 x 9oz Mesquite Honey in a Hinged Jar

1 x 3oz Coffee Infused Honey

1 x 6oz Turmeric, Ginger & Wild Orange Infused Honey

1 x 10oz Catsclaw Killer Bee Honey

1 x 5oz Chocolate Whipped Honey

1 x 5oz Pumpkin Spice Whipped Honey

1 x 5oz Lavender Whipped Honey

3 x Wooden Honey Dippers

1 x 6oz Mesquite Honey

2 x Hallographic Bee Stickers

1 x Honey Dipper Pot

4 x 1oz Honey Samples

5 x Honey Sticks

Congratulations to Monique Miller!

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