Apple Tart


Apple Tart Bitter Bee honey is an absolute treat. As with all of our bitter bee honey varietals, this infused honey comes with a sweet and tart kick. Infused with all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweeteners were added to this honey.


After you try this apple tart infused honey, you’re going to be head over heels for our sour honey. We have infused this honey with natural apple and citrus flavors. It is an absolute treat on top of your morning granola, mixed in with a fruit tea or drizzled over crackers and cheese. The apple flavor is pronounced and refreshing. It combines very nicely with the tart citrus notes of the honey.

We have only used natural flavors in this infused honey. And the only sweetener is Arizona sourced desert wild flower honey. Some of our customers compare the flavor of this honey to the apple flavor in apple caramel lollipops.


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