Raw Arizona Honey

Harvested locally by Arizona bee keepers for a wide seasonal variety. Browse the most popular honey available- including Desert Wild Flower, Mesquite and Autumn Harvest. Also, bee sure to check back from time to time! Many of our varieties are only available at certain times of the year. For example, Orange Blossom, Catsclaw, and Palo Verde honey is often harvested during the spring season, whereas Camelthorn, Rabbit Brush and Flagstaff Wild Flower are often harvested in the early fall season. Each season and flower will produce a different variety of honey in both flavor and consistency- some are very light in color, golden and very liquid (perfect for tea and PB & H sandwiches), others may be crystalized and creamy (our personal favorite on warm toast on a cold winter morning, or used in chewy granola bars). Have a question on which is right for you? Reach out to us on Facebook, or email Eleanor- we are always happy to help! :)
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