Desert Wild Flower Honey


Our Popular Desert Wild Flower Honey is harvested in Buckeye and Tonopah Arizona. It is generally available all year long. By far, this honey is our most popular choice for preventing seasonal allergies.

We often recommend our wild flower honey varietals to customers who are seeking a remedy for seasonal allergies to blossoming plant life. Why is that? Well, the idea of taking honey for allergies is to build your immune system to the pollen that is in the air that has you sneezing and wheezing. If you don’t know exactly which plant that is in bloom is triggering your allergies, a wild flower honey provides a wide array of pollen as opposed to an orange blossom or alfalfa honey.

During some seasons, the desert wild flower may crystallize. This will cause the honey to have a lighter color and thicker texture.

*Please note: The half gallon and gallon-sized jars may be purchased for pickup; however, we cannot ship these sizes through a mail carrier or package delivery service.