Salted Creamed Honey Slathered over Toast

Salted honey whipped with real butter slathered over a thick slice of toast or English muffin is a great way to start your morning. My original post was going to include a recipe to make a honey butter concoction. However, I am a busy mother, so taking the time to whip butter, salt and honey ends up on the bottom of my long some-day-to-do list. In this simple recipe, you only need three ingredients: bread, unsalted butter and our Pink Himalayan Salted Creamed Honey. Our salted creamed honey spreads easily over a warm slice of bread, and since it’s creamed, there are no messy drips to wipe off the counter.

Salted Creamed Honey Slathered over Buttered Bread

Spread our local Arizona salted creamed honey over your favorite slice of bread.

I don’t think you need too much help with instructions on how to spread our Creamed Honey over your buttered and toasted bread. Most important is that you enjoy the flavors and the incredible ease in which you can enjoy the natural sweetness of our local honey. Enjoy!

Life is sweet when there’s honey to eat.

Lisa Hamilton

for Absolutely Delightful AZ Honey

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