Winslow Summer Harvest


The Winslow summer harvest honey was harvested in Winslow, AZ  after the spring season. It has a medium coloration and it is a thick, crystalized honey.

It was harvested by the beekeepers of Bee Natural beekeeping co. Compared to our most popular crystalized honey, Camelthorn– this honey is darker in coloration and comes with a stronger flavor. This honey is a wild flower medley.


We named this honey after the region it was harvested from: Winslow, AZ. We love the Winslow summer harvest honey, because it is a wonderful honey with a crystalized texture. When we compare it to our Camelthorn honey, it has a darker color and more granular texture. This honey is a wild flowery medley. The beekeepers from Bee Natural honey company harvested it the spring season in 2021.

If you enjoy crystalized honey, this is an excellent choice. If you have tried our popular desert wild flower honey from Buckeye, and you would like to try a new seasonal wild flower blend, this is also a great option.

Winslow Summer Harvest honey is a seasonal honey. We only have a few buckets of this blend in stock, and when it is gone, we don’t know when we will have more in stock. So, if you’re on the fence about trying it, get it while you can! 🙂

If you are looking for larger size options in this honey varietal, call us at 602-331-8721 or email


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