Camelthorn Honey



If you are new to purchasing from Absolutely Delightful, you may not yet be familiar with Camelthorn honey. This is one of our absolute favorites! If you can look beyond this honey’s seemingly bizarre name, it is actually quite pleasant and delightful.

We identify Camelthorn by its exceptionally smooth delicate flavor and for its white-gold color. Many of our customers enjoy it as a wintertime honey, though some will buy it in bulk to enjoy it year-round. Camelthorn is sweet, and you can use it quite nicely in a hot tea or beverage as an alternative to cane sugars or artificial sweeteners. The consistency flavor of this honey is much like a spreadable frosting. We only keep it in a glass jar, due to its thick consistency. This ensures you will get the most out of your jar of honey, as the jar can be more easily heated to liquify the honey.

This honey is quite opposite to our other popular honey: Desert Wild Flower from Buckeye and Tonopah Arizona.

Origins of Camelthorn

We have named it after the plant bees feed on in order to produce it: Camelthorn. (The biological name of the plant that the bees gather the nectar from is actually called the Alhagi maurorum.) Camelthorn is considered by agricultural experts to be an invasive species. However, the nectar that comes from the flower of this plant is truly wonderful. After all, it produces a highly sought-after honey.

The beekeepers from Mountain Top Honey Co. harvest Camelthorn in Winslow, Arizona during the fall and winter seasons each year. Customers that enjoy thick honey may also enjoy our other crystalized varieties. Desert Flower, Flagstaff Desert Wild Flower, and our Whipped Honey all appear similar in color. It is distinguished in that it is more white than the Desert Flower. You may spread it easier than our Desert Wild Flower from Flagstaff.



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