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Bee pollen is pollen from flowers that has been collected and returned to the hive by our little bee friends. Bee Pollen is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, B vitamins (no kidding) and antioxidants.

If you do a quick search for the benefits of bee pollen will lead you down a rabbit hole of information on this wonderful substance and why bees collect it.

Many of our customers that purchase pollen are seeking relief from their seasonal allergies or looking for an extra dose of energy in their morning smoothies.

Pollen ranges in flavor by season and the flavor profile largely depends on the flowers that were in bloom and the geographic location where the pollen was harvested. Typically, most pollens are very floury and sweet to the taste with a texture and chew akin to a cupcake sprinkle.

A word of caution here-- nobody at Absolutely Delightful is a doctor or a medical professional. If you are seeking medical help for your seasonal allergies, we recommend that you consult your doctor.
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