Honey Highlight: Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey is one of Absolutely Delightful’s most popular infused honey flavors. Mixing the perfect amount of essential oil into our local Arizona honey makes this honey a wonderful addition to your recipes. Measuring the honey for recipes, though, is often a sticky process. By using a simple technique, measuring honey becomes much easier.

Measure your honey the easy way!

Measure oil first, then measure your honey, so it will be easy to pour.

Easily measure honey by using a clear liquid measuring cup (such as Pyrex). Measure your liquid first, keeping it in the measuring cup. Add your honey to the liquid until you reach the correct amount. Since the honey has displaced the liquid, you can now measure the honey from the bottom of the measuring cup to the correct amount needed. Adding the liquid first makes it a breeze to measure and then the honey will easily slide out of the measuring cup.

Lavender Infused Honey Salad Dressing

Start by measuring the half cup of olive oil into a glass measuring cup. Keep the oil in the measuring cup! Next, spoon the Lavender Infused Honey into the oil until the oil reaches the ¾-cup mark. After the honey and oil are measured, just pour the honey-oil mixture into the remaining ingredients. The honey will slide right out of the measuring cup. Lastly, blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Allow your dressing to rest for 30 minutes to help the flavors blend together.

Once you are ready to serve, stir your dressing.  Taste a bit of the dressing, adding salt and pepper if needed.  Finally, drizzle the dressing over your salad. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Genius Kitchen.

Life is sweet when there’s honey to eat.

Lisa Hamilton

for Absolutely Delightful AZ Honey

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