Meet the Team

Eleanor Dziuk

Annalee Dziuk
Head of Business Development

Worker Bee

Gilbert Farmers Market

Worker Bee

Roadrunner Park Farmers Market

Worker Bee

Sun City & Momma’s Organic Farmers Markets

Worker Bee

Uptown Farmers Market

Worker Bee

Worker Bee

Our Story

Almost 15 years ago we realized that local bee keepers were under-represented in the Phoenix local farmer’s markets, where we were selling a variety of other products. It was then that we decided to specialize in representing local Arizona bee keepers at the markets that we were at.

We think of this as a family operated business. Several private contractors sell at the markets now for us now and we consider them our extended honey family. We are represented at as many as 6 markets on Saturday and 2 during the week.

Today, my daughter, Annalee is our head of business development- and son, Ian, is our web designer, photographer and graphic artist.

Absolutely Delightful Az Honey is delighted to satisfy our customers with the most wonderful sweet, natural and healthy product available.